Midas Touch on left and St. Patricks on right.

The St. Patrick Rose is delightful in spring, astonishingly well formed and full of blooms in late fall.  This Hybrid Tea Rose is a pale lemon yellow rose with a greenish tinge. It was an All-America Rose Selections (AARS) award in 1996.  In the image above that is St. Patricks on the right and Midas Touch on the left.

What an oversight on my part to have not written about one of my favorite roses before.  This rose is best grown in a grove of three or four or more! The rose suffers in the Texas heat but bravely continues to bloom slightly stunted buds. The days of hundred degree heat are extreme for any rose.

Below is the St. Patrick Rose in the early spring.  One of the many wonderful features of this Hybrid Tea is that is it one of the first to bloom and the last to bloom and blooms are uniformly perfect and prolific.  This is just an amazing, amazing rose for Texas Rose Gardening. The colors in these images are a little too yellow. I have failed to capture the greenish tinge, which is harder to capture in the fall than the spring, but I am going to continue to try.