Chitalp Tree - Morning Cloud

  Chitalpa Tree Pink Flowers of Morning Cloud
A. Russanov of the Botanic Garden of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences in Uzbekistan, created the hybrid between the Chilopsis and the Catalpa. Both belong to the Bignoniaceae, or trumpet vine, family in 1964.  The cross came to the US in 1997, when Robert Hebb of the New York Botanic Garden introduced it here. The hybrid remained unnamed until the Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens in Claremont, CA, gave it the common name “Chitalpa.” The gardens also named two Chitalpa cultivars: ‘Morning Cloud’, with white flowers, and ‘Pink Dawn’, with pink.  Most Chitalpa trees produce large, orchid-like, white flowers, but ‘Pink Dawn’ features pink blooms with yellow throats.Chitalpa carries some of the best traits of both parents, yet doesn’t produce the abundant, messy seed pods that each    parent tree develops.  That’s because the flowers are sterile. Therefore, there are no seed pods to drop onto patios.
  Chitalpa Morning Cloud Texas Tree with Small Pink and White Flowers