Myrtle Spurge – is a cactus like ground cover that does well in full sun and reasonably well in dappled shade. It is drought tolerant. The plant develops a spreading woody base that then sends out green succulent branches. You can expect some minor yellow flowering in spring which will seed the plant. Myrtle Surge grows four to eight inches tall and like all succulents must have well drained soil.

Euphorbia Myresinites.

Desert Willow a Poisonous Plant

Murtle Spurge with Desert Willow Native Texas Plant


The name of the head of the nursery at my church as a child was Myrtle.  She was a wonderful lady who rocked the babies, sometimes three at a time in a gigantic rocking chair.

I think about her sometimes in her white starched uniform, her thin arms.  And that’s what I remember about her, thin arms, always reaching, always holding her ‘precious little angels.’  Our church had a lovely sanctuary, but the truest sanctuary of that church was Myrtle’s nursery, in Myrtle’s arms.  I know she is in heaven, still rocking babies.