Marmelade Skies, a floribunda.  Good Texas Rose and Early Bloomer. I prefer this to Tropicana because of its prolific blooms and compact and robust dark green leaves, though Tropicana is a Hybrid Tea Rose.  The only other rose in the Texas garden that comes close to matching this bloom for bloom is Cinco de Mayo, another floribunda which also has a companion Hybrid Tea, Hot Chocolate.  That is The Generous Gardner in pale white in the background, a climber.

Marmelade Skies Hybrid Tea Rose for Texas Marmelade_Skies_Hybrid_Tea_Rose_Dallas_Lee_Ann_Torrans-2





Blooms all season in floribunda cluster of 5 to 8 double blooms blooming all season on each strong stem.

It’s leaves are leathery and the shrub is hardy and disease resistant.

Marmelade_Skies_Dallas_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans-2 Marmelade Skies Texas Rose.