Forsythia: What’s Blooming Now!  In Dallas – Late February to Mid March

Forsythia:  The flowers are produced in the early spring before the leaves, bright yellow with a deeply four-lobed flower, the petals joined only at the base.   Forsythia blooms at the same time as the earliest of daffodils and red japonica.  By the third week in March the blooms will be gone and the green leaves will begin to appear!  This is a perfect setting.  If you prune the Forsythia you will prune the blooms.  It should be allowed to grow naturally, but that means a large and lanky shrub.

This is an easy shrub to root! In the fall, break off several branches, strip off the leaves and stick them in the ground. Next spring you should have some new forsythias!

Early daffodils bloom with forsythia.  The classic Texas combination is red japonica, forsythia and early daffodils.  These represent the first sign of spring in Texas.

Forsythia also blooms with Tulip Trees.  If you want to have a ‘early’ bloom section of your garden combine Tulip Trees, Forsythia, Japonica and daffodils.  Crab Apples bloom at the end of the forsythia bloom time.

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Lee Ann Torrans - Forsythia - Dallas Blooms