Cenizo or Purple Sage Shrub

In Texas the purple sage shrub or Cenizo blooms in mid-July. This plant is native to Texas and thrives in caliche soils. It is often called “barometer bush” because flowering is triggered by humidity or high soil moisture after rains.
Purple Sage Shrub Texas
Although watering in dry summer months will make it grow faster, over-watering or poor drainage will quickly kill it, and shade will promote leggy growth and less flowering.  It loves alkaline soils and in fact requires them.
Purple Sage Shrub Texas
To have a beautiful and natural looking Purple Sage Cenizo Plant do not prune it or overwater it and give it full sun.
Purple Sage Shrub Texas
 Delicate purple flowers bloom on silver leafed steams.  The real challenge with Cenizo is to not have a leggy looking shrub and allow the shrub appear natural.
 The Arboretum – Woman’s Garden with Cenizo across the reflecting pool.
  Purple Sage Shrub - Cenizo