Marmelade Skies is a more prolific bloomer and would be my first choice, though it is a floribunda and Tropicana is a hybrid tea.  Like all hybrid teas in Texas, the heat is harder on them than floribundas.

Tropicana, however, is a lovely rose, full with dark green leaves and a good choice for a peach hybrid tea. See the Cross Vine below. They colors are compatible and blooming time is the same.
Tropicana Hybrid Tea Rose Peach Colored Tropicana_Hybrid_Tea_Rose_Dallas_Lee_Ann_Torrans-2 Tropicana_Hybrid_Tea_Rose_Dallas_Lee_Ann_Torrans-3



The_Generous_Gardner_Climbing_Rose_Garden_Dallas_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans Tropicana_Orange_Rose_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans-3 Tropicana_Orange_Rose_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans-2 Tropicana_Orange_Rose_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans

Blooms with Cross Vine and Trumpet Vine and Good Combination

Cross Vine - Texas Flowering Vine