Red Cascade – Top Miniature Rose.

Not all miniature roses do well in Texas.  It is important to chose wisely when selecting a Texas Miniature Rose.  These work in the Texas heat.Red Cascade is the most prolific and easiest to grow of the miniature roses.  Though the rose is miniature, the rose bush certainly is not.  Will get better image.  Sorry about that better to demonstrate its ability with a bad image than ignore it!
  Dallas Landscaping Red Cascade Miniature Rose Texas

The Fairy.  Top Texas Miniature Rose.

The Fairy Top Miniature Rose for Texas
  The Fairy The Fairy Miniature Rose for Texas
 The Fairy, a lovely pink miniature rose is also a very easy miniature rose to grow.  Miniature roses typically are difficult, at least for me.  Red Cascade and The Fairy are hardy, hardy, hardy.  Chose these if you want carefree miniatures.  Nandinas as seen in the right of the image with white blooms, can really be fabulous in any setting.  See the new ones (and old ones) here.
  Chitalp Tree - Morning Cloud A flowering tree which blooms all summer to complement The Fairy (which is not a crape myrtle) would be the Chitalpa!
  Cinderalla, Miniature Rose for Texas.
 Cinderella is a sweet miniature rose that does fairly well in Texas.  Plant several.  Only one in three will make it.  As you can see from the tiny buds, yet to bloom, Cinderella starts pink and moves to white with aging blossoms.  This is a sweet compact rose and one of the first roses I ever planted.  I like it very much.
  Starina Miniature Texas Rose


Starina Miniature Rose for the Texas Garden
  Cupcake Miniature Rose for the Texas Garden
 Cupcake – Miniature Rose for the Texas Garden
  Rise ‘n Shine.  Miniature Rose for the Texas Garden
  Green Ice.  Miniature Rose for the Texas Garden


  Tiffany Lynn.  Miniature Rose for the Texas Garden.



































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