Purple Daisies and other purple perennials that flower.

 Purple Daisy – Osteospermum ‘Purple Mountain’
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Texas Daisies
Purple Daisy Osterperosis or African DaisyOsteospermum ‘Purple Mountain’ or (Sun Daisy or African Daisy) is an African Daisy that is reliably hardy to zone 5!In Texas the daisies have a long blooming period.  The purple daisies bloom on dark green leaves from late spring to midsummer. ‘Purple Mountain’ prefers well-drained fertile soil.
African daisies are hardy and a good choice for Texas because they require very little water. They spread quickly and bloom in early spring to mid summer. They are also very easy to transplant – simply remove a cluster from the ground and place it in water for a few days and then plant it on a sunny spot.

Aster /Michealmas Daisy - Aster Woods Pink

Aster /Michealmas Daisy – Aster Woods Pink

Aster /Michealmas Daisy – Aster Woods Pink
Asters, or michaelmas daisies, are perennial.  Most asters are North American natives and grow with little or no care.  Wood’s pink, purple, blue, Alert, Vibrant Dome and Professor A. Kippenburg, and Purple Dome.  These are May blooms.



 Although most commercial Osteospermums are labeled as annuals in Texas the african daisy is a perennials or subshrubs.  The plants can fail to survive an extremly long and persistent icy and frozen ground, in Texas this is extremly rare.  The african daisy  can be propagated by cuttings and overwintered in a frost free environment.These work well with Skull Cap or Hot Pink Autumn Sage which you see in the lower left hand corner of the first image:
 Pin Cushion.  May blooming Texas Perennial.
Texas April Perennials   Salvia_May_Night_Perennial_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans
May Night Salvia.  Texas May blooming Perennial.  Above Dianthus with May Night Salvia.
Mexican Brush Sage = Lavia Leucantha
Wall Flower Texas Perennial blooms in May.  Sweet little Wall flower is lavendar and pale peach.  Texas May blooming perennial.
Purple Perennials May Bloomers in Texas