Pocket Perennial Gardens

Perennial Garden Lee Ann Torrans
Skullcaps reseed themselves – in pink and purple: Scutellaria wrightii.  

Summer Phlox comes in many sizes. Phlox paniculata has been named a Texas Superstars™ by Texas A&M University, which means they will be top performers in the garden.

Top Texas Perennials
“In midsummer, when spring flowers have faded, summer phlox will bring and possibly hummingbirds.
The Texas Agricultural Experiment Station horticulture researcher at Texas A&M Dallas is currently conducting further study on these plants.
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This one features phlox, skull cap, big lambs ear and rudbekia.
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The Texas Superstar ™ effort is a horticultural research and Extension program of Texas A&M. “This cooperative program combines the expertise of university and industry leaders in the identification of superior landscape plants for Texas and their subsequent introduction in the marketplace,” said Mackay. To identify such plants, the Agriculture Program at Texas A&M conducts extensive horticultural field trials, during which the plants are never sprayed with any pesticide.

John Fanick and Victoria phlox flowers: official Texas Superstar™ www.TexasSuperstar.com.



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Desert Willow - Poison Tree
Rudbekia and Vitex Rudbekia and Vitex Rudbekia and Vitex

Landscaping with shrub roses in Dallas.

Landscaping with Home Run shrub roses in Dallas for a pocket perennial garden with iris, daisies, sage, dianthus and daisies.

Pocket perennial gardens will work anywhere.  Phlox, Salvia Greggii and Blue Salvia.

Pocket perennial gardens will work anywhere. Phlox, Salvia Greggii and Blue Salvia.

Rosies with salvia and sage.