Magnolia Popular Hedge Row Tree

Little Gem Magnolia
Little Gem Southern Magnolia is the most popular hedge in Dallas now.  It grows to 30 feet in height with a full width of 20 feet.  20 feet.  It flowers prolifically for six months.  For this reason this is a highly prized magnolia.  This is a very dependable tree.  It appears that homeowners are being sold many more magnolias than they actually need!  You see this ALL THE TIME in commercial plantings.  Count on the Little Gem to grow 1.5 feet per year.I prefer the two magnolias with the golden under leaf such as  DD Blanchard or Claudia Wannamaker.

DD Blanchard grows to 40 feet tall at 2 feet per year.  Its straight central trunk well allow you to have it leaved to the ground or pruned with a visible trunk. It has pyramidal-oval form with well spaced major branches that yield a more open canopy. Its leaves are 5 to 8 inch oblong leaves with a fuzzy orange-bronze underside.  Blooming during the traditional spring it also will bloom sporadically throughout the summer.

Little Gem Magnolia

Little Gem

Golden Underleaf of the Teddy Bear Magnolia
Little Gem Japanese Maple Dallas Landscaping Lee Ann Torrans
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Magnolia Tree Hedge Row

D.D. Blanchard

New Magnolia with a "water well." This looks like a DD Blanchard in that it is shaped in a round oval and has a golden underside with five to eight inch leaves.

New Magnolia with a “water well.” This looks like a DD Blanchard in that it is shaped in a round oval and has a golden underside with five to eight inch leaves.

New Magnolia with a "water well." This looks like a DD Blanchard in that it is shaped in a round oval and has a golden underside with five to eight inch leaves.

New Magnolia with a “water well.” This looks like a DD Blanchard in that it is shaped in a round oval and has a golden underside with five to eight inch leaves.

Little Gem Tall Narrow Magnolia Tree
Magnolia Tree in Texas
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Little Gem

 Hedge Rows

  DD Bradberry Magnolia with golden underleaves.
Consider the size of the magnolia at maturity when planting a hedge row.  Ultimately both the roots and the leaves will be healthier if they are not crowded at maturity.

Magnolia Hedge Row Spacing

Magnolia Hedge Row Spacing

  Little Elm Magnolia Dallas Garden Landscaping Lee Ann Torrans
This homeowner could have easily used four or five magnolias in their hedge row.  Eight was clearly too many!
Other Magnolias

  • Bracken’s Brown Beauty‘ – This tree is compact and dense, possibly 30 feet tall. The leaves are small (6 inches), with dark, lustrous upper and rusty brown lower. The fragrant flowers are 5 to 6 inches in diameter.
  • Claudia Wannamaker‘ – This is a vigorous grower, medium broad pyramid form, more open than ‘ Bracken’s Brown Beauty.’ Leaves are dark green and rusty brown. Blooms at an early age.  This is the Magnolia found at the UTD reflection pool.  THIS IS MY FAVORITE MAGNOLIA.
  • Edith Bogue‘ – This has a tight pyramid form (30 feet tall, 15 feet wide). Leaves are narrow, dark green and tan. Blooms at an early age.
  • Little Gem‘ – This is compact and upright, more like a dense shrub (20 feet tall, 10 feet wide). Leaves are small (4 inches) and lustrous, dark green and bronze. Flowers are small (3- to 4-inch diameter). Blooms at an early age and sporadically throughout the growing season.  This magnolia is loosey in its appearance.  If you are going to much as much money, time and maintainence into a Magnolia as it requires get a Claudia Wannamaker.  Don’t settle for a Little Gem, like I did.  Mistake.
  • Majestic Beauty‘ – This is a large pyramidal tree (35 to 50 feet tall, 20 feet wide). Leaves are large; flowers profusely.
  • Samuel Sommer‘ – This tree is fast growing, with an upright, ascending habit (30 to 40 feet tall, 30 feet wide). Leaves dark green and bronze. Large flowers.
  • St. Mary‘ – This has a compact, somewhat flat habit. It is easily trained for espalier. Early, profuse flowers. Leaves dark green and deep bronze.
  Golden Underleaf of the Teddy Bear Magnolia Teddy Bear Magnolia:  Was discovered in 1985 in South Carolina (Head-Lee Nursery). At an age of 26 years old, the mother tree of the Teddy Bear Magnolia stands at 26’ tall and 14’ wide and it has a very dense and upright pyramidal crown. Its leaves are more oval shaped leaves than Little Gem.  that are 5 to 8 inches long and 3 to 4 inches wide. Teddy Bear Magnolias have leaves that are dark green and glossy on top and the underside is covered with bronze brown colored fuzz and like all other grandiflora cultivars their leaves are thick and leathery. The Teddy Bear Magnolia differs from the Little Gem Magnolia in the following characteristics: Teddy Bear Magnolias have more compact and narrower canopies, they have stronger and more upright lateral branches, they produce fewer flowers, their leaves are wider, and they grow slower than Little Gems.  You can expect it to grow one foot per year.

 Water and Nitrogen:  Magnolias need nitrogen fertilizer and to be routinely watered.  Hand-water your Magnolias in Texas until they are established in order to deeply soak their soil during the dry months of mid-June to October, or when the rain returns.  Apply a lawn-type fertilizer in mid-March, mid-May and mid-September.  The use of weed killer on the top soil in the root area of your magnolia will damage the tree’s leaf growth and possibly kill the tree.  Avoid that!
 Mandevilla Vines and Little Gem.  I always run a clematis and mandevilla vine up my Little Gem.  This gives lovely pink and purple blooms!  During the summer the mandevilla will bloom when the magnolia no longer does.  My dim witted sister in law asked does your magnolia bloom two colors.  I could not resist, yes, I said.  She spent the next two summers asking nurseries for a magnolia tree that bloomed white and pink blooms.  I laughed so hard when the nursery person told me about this!  I should feel badly but I still laugh.  Character defect (mine) no doubt.
Evergreen Leaf Loss:  Magnolias are an evergreen, but like live oaks, they must shed their sturdy leaves some time.  This usually occurs with new growth.  Keep the roots moist which will help with leaf loss.  Magnolia blossoms are short lived – so enjoy them while they last!  In the fall they will be replaced with lovely red cones.

Two Year Establishment Period – Extra Water!  Hand water Magnolias for the first two years.  Do NOT RELY ON YOUR SPRINKLER SYSTEM.  They need the extra help to become established.

Soaker Hose System:  See Below.


DD Blanchard Magnolias UTD
The most brilliant display of Magnolias in Dallas is found at the Reflection Pools at the University of Texas at Dallas.  Read More Here.  This Claudia Wannamaker Magnolia; it has symetrical branching, a pure conical shape and the sturdy leaf with the bronze undercolor.  Once you see this Magnolia display this will be the ONLY magnolia you ever want!
DD Blanchard Magnolia with Golden Underleaf

Claudia Wannamaker Magnolia below.

DD Bradford Magnolia UTD
I am a frugal gardner.  I use the $14.05 Gilmour soaker hose.  It’s light weight and not rubbery.  It stays where you lay it.It’s made from a tight mesh fabric instead of rubber. The drip is fast at full pressure but adjust the flow. Put them on timers to water your hedges and gardens in the early morning.Do not use a wide open water valve.  Restrict the flow.  The full water pressure of 10-15 psi is too much for your garden, your hose, the environment and your water bill!  You can make a restrictor to go into the Gilmour hose which will help with water consumption.  Drill a 1/8th inch hole in a penny and place it in the hose.
Use a timer on your soaker hose to set it and forget it until the rainy season returns.
You see below spreading the Magnolias spacing allows their natural conical shape to be defined is much preferable to crowding the magnolias.  With water and nitrogen your magnolias will grow more quickly to create the hedge effect – give them room for their long lives to demonstrate their beauty.  You will never be able to recapture this natural growth pattern even if you ‘thin’ them out – but who has the nerve to ever cut down a magnolia.  Start them off with space and you — and the next generation will appreciate that choice.
 Magnolia as Foundation Planting has more conical shape for the tree as seen above.
Magnolia bloom below.  You can see the older leaves beginning to turn yellow and go through the shedding process.  Watering will help maintain older leaves.  Usually this requires deep hand watering.  The problem with the in ground inserted watering wands is they reach a very limited area.  Soaker hoses in addition to you sprinkler system would work for the first few years … to accommodate for the Texas drought conditions.
 The Little Gem below has the green underleaf.  I kept waiting, where oh where was my golden rugged underleaf?  Gone, with Little Gem.  Just never adjusted to Little Gem.
Little Gem Southern Magnolia

Golden Underleaf of DD Blanchard

DD Blanchard has a golden underleaf.
DD Blanchard Magnolia with Golden Underleaf
Little Gem has a green underleaf.

Magnolia Hedge Row

Little Gem Magnolia Tree with Green Underleaf

  Magnolia Tree - Texas
Above are the blooms of Little Gem.  Below are the blooms of DD Blanchard.  I feel like DD Blanchard’s blooms are a bit hardier and it it shatters a bit later.
DD Blanchard Magnolia Tree Hardy Blooms DD_Blanchard_Magnolia_Tree_Plano_Landscaping_Lee_Ann_Torrans-3
  Little Gem Magnolias for that multi-million dollar mansion in your future!!!
Espladiered against a brick wall.  This is accomplished with any kind of mortar screw and fishing line.
Better trimming and a more substantial espladiered back drop could grow straight branches and allow them to become thick and sturdy.  I have seen this but have not photograph.
Little Gem Magnolia Espladiered
Calf Panels would work as well.  Dairy Country – has an abundance of welders.  It is not expensive to have these custom made.
BickhamRanch bickhamranch2
These guys can make exactly what you want.
 Or you can order prefab from Tractor Supply.
 Or get some redwood from Lowes, mortar screw it to the wall and use that!  Leave enough room behind the wood strip to get your fishing wire through there.
 Espladiered purple …. shrub on cattle wire and wall.
  Espladiered Shrub on Wall Fence

Wisteria with Knockout Roses

Wisteria with Knockout Roses and a hedgerow of Magnolias