A Bush Rose.

This is a rose that lives up to its name and expectations – at least in Texas! Hot, dry Texas. So Seattle == look somewhere else. There is nothing here for you.

‘Easy Does It’ was the All-America Rose Selection for 2010. The colors are mango and peach. The smell is fruity and it blooms on new wood.

This rose does well in Texas.  A winner!

Lee-Ann-Torrans-Roses-Easy-Does Lee-Ann-Torrans-Roses-Easy-Does

LeeAnnTorrans-Texas-Roses-Easy Does It

Easy Does It Shrub Rose for Texas Easy_Does_It_Rose_Texas_Dallas_April-2 Easy_Does_It_Rose_Texas_Dallas_April-3 Easy_Does_It_Rose_Texas_Dallas_April-4

Easy Does It Rose Prolific Bloomer Easy_Does_It_Rose_Texas_Dallas_April-2 Easy_Does_It_Rose_Texas_Dallas_April-3

Blooms with Cross Vine …


Cross Vine - Texas Flowering Vine


Tanagerine Beauty Cross Vine