Texas Gold Columbine is a columbine plant that can actually withstand extreme Texas heat.  This is something new and good news.  For years columbines from the north land would wither and die in August, growing spindly and weak with nothing to be done.  Not even vast amount of water would help.  Day after day of one hundred degree heat simply did the delicate little columbine in.

No More!  Introducing the incredibly delicate looking but hard and fit Texas Gold Columbine!  It’s big, too, just like Texas!  This beauty comes Texas A&M – who also made the Texas Lilac Vitex Tree possible.

No more complaints from my northern friends, at last Columbine flourishes in Texas (too)!





Texas_Columbine-4 Lee-Ann-Torrans-Columbine-Late-March-Texas-22