Iceberg Texas Shrub Rose

The Iceberg shrub rose makes a wonderful hedge rose in Texas.  This hedge of iceberg roses is located at the Carrollton Rose Garden.  I love this rose garden because they allow the roses to grow to their natural height.  You can really see what an untrimmed rose looks like.  Well, that is only one of many, many reasons I love this rose garden, actually.

I am a firm believer in allowing shrubs, and roses to grow to their natural shape and height.  Gardening is labor intensive no matter how you approach it.  Pruning and trimming shrubs is redundant and non-productive work.  I would so much rather enrich the soil, study a new plant, do anything but PRUNE or pay someone to PRUNE.

The Iceberg shrub rose – A WONDERFUL Texas rose!








Iceberg Shrub Rose Carrollton Rose Garden Texas Rose