This early bloomer shrub rose, like most Texas shrub roses grows to be six to eight feet tall and four feet wide, if unpruned.

Home Run is a favorite Texas rose. It comes in both red and pink – but like virtually all plant varieties the blooming and growth habits vary with the colors. There is no question but the red Home Run is more robust in Texas than the pink.

At full bloom in April:

Pink Home Run Home_Run_Red_Shrub_Rose_Texas_Dallas_April-3

Not nearly so popular but I believe a very good companion to Red Home Run is Bailey Red.  It blooms after Home Run finishes blooming and its flowers are much larger.  I really like this rose better than Red Home Run.

Bailey Red.

Bailey Red Shrub Rose - Blooms after Home Run and a good companion rose Bailey_Red_Shrub_Rose_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans

Carefree Spirit is another good companion rose to Home Run.

Carefree Spirit Good Companion Shrub Rose to Home Run Carefree_Spirit_Shrub_Rose_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans-2