Santolina, Dusty Miller, Thyme, Boxwoods

Dusty Miller is grown for its foliage.  However, in bloom, under the right conditions the blooms can be attractive.  Though typically considered an annual, Dusty Miller can act as a perennial in Texas.  (Just as dianthus and snap dragons can act as a perennial in Texas.)

Only mature plants bloom.  These plants are in their third year and actually made it through the ice storm you may remember during the Super Bowl two years ago.  Lee_Ann_Torrans_Dusty_Miller

Senecio Cineraria acts as a perennial in zones 5 – 6 but can die out with an extended cold period.

Silver Brocade is even hardier than Senecia Cineraria and is considered perennial zones 2- 9.

This is Silver Brocade.  It has the broadest leaves of any variety of dusty miller.  In three years Silver Brocade will expand to eighteen inches in width. Plant accordingly if you intend to use Dusty Miller as a perennial.

Surrounding the water girl statue is thyme – three years old.  This roots so easily.  Break off about nine inches.  Strip the first three inches of leaves and stick in with your ferns for the summer.  Plant you lovely plant in the fall.


A white and gray color scheme is classic.  This is why the white crepe myrtle works so well with this.