See all the wonderful Texas daisies – a spread out your planting season with daisies all the time:

Yellow DaisiesPurple DaisiesWhite Daisies

There are many wonderful daisies that thrive in Texas.  Leopard’s Bane blooms in late April and May.


The Englishman’s Daisy is the first Texas perennial daisy to bloom. Surprisingly, this delicate little daisy does well in Texas, even in full sun.

This stand of OxEye daisies is beginning its third year and looking strong, coming behind the English Daisy.

Shasta Daisies bloom at the same time most wildflowers do.  Mix Indian Paint, Prim Rose, Blue Bonnets and your favorite wild flowers with your daisies.

daisies-2 Daisies and Wildflowers in Texas

Indian Paint, a wildflower from seed.

Indian Paint in Texas Daisies and Wildflowers in Texas Texas-wildflower-indian-paint

Primrose blooms with Shastas and other daisies



These bloom at the same time as purple star, an excellent Texas Perennial.

Blue Star blooms with Shastas.

Blue Star Blue_Star_Lee_Torrans

Angelita Daisy – Texas Perennial

Angelita Daisy

Copper Canyon Daisy

Copper Canyon Daisy Copper_Canyon_Daisy_Perennial_Dallas_October-2