Cemetery Plantings
I grew up in that time when you kept the cemetery plot clean, checked on the plantings in August, and planted fresh plants on November 1, 2014.

I was able to learn which plants could survive a summer drought – and in doing so transferred some of that knowledge to gardening.

Here are some cemetery planting ideas.

Cemetery Plantings Cemetery_Plantings_Lee_Ann_Torrans-16 Cemetery_Plantings_Lee_Ann_Torrans-15 Cemetery_Plantings_Lee_Ann_Torrans-13 Cemetery_Plantings_Lee_Ann_Torrans-11 Cemetery_Plantings_Lee_Ann_Torrans-10 Cemetery_Plantings_Lee_Ann_Torrans-8 Cemetery_Plantings_Lee_Ann_Torrans-6 Cemetery_Plantings_Lee_Ann_Torrans Cemetery Plantings - Double Knockout Shrub Rose

Cemetery-Plantings-22 True Red Japanese Maple