Yellow daisies are prolific bloomers.  Both the Copper Canyon Daisy and the Angelita Daisy bloom hardy and strong into the fall – through the long hot Texas summer.  It grows wild in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona and northern Mexico, but it goes very well with native-Texas plants in Hill Country gardens.

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The Copper Canyon Daisy is a more robust bloomer as you can see below.  It does not bloom until August and blooms heartily all fall!  Think of it as a early and prolific mum.  It does like coliche soils but that does not mean it will not bloom well in sandy soil.


The Englishman’s Daisy is prolific and hardy.

Englishman's Daisy hardy Texas perennial

Englishman's Daisy

Chocolate Daisy, Texas Perennial has a chocolate fragrance.

Chocolate Daisy a Texas perennial with chocolate fragrance

OxEye Daisy

Ox Eye Daisy Texas Perennial - April to May Bloomer

The Angelita Daisy is a more delicate daisy.  In the spring the blooms are hardier and more prolific.  I like the delicate wild look of the Angelita.

Angelita Daisy