Daybreaker a Texas Rose – Taken at True Daybreak!

Honey Perfume

Multicolored Rose Climber Texas

Roemer’s Hip Happy Shrub Rose

Thomas Affleck Shrub Rose for Texas

Maman Cochet Tea Rose for Texas

What I Found in the Garden Before Dawn

Veterans Honor – Hybrid Tea

Mrs. Dudley Cross – Hands Down the Fairest Rose Today

Veterans Honor and Olympiad True Red Roses

Home Run Shrub Rose for Texas

Deep Red Roses: Veterans Honor and Olympiad

Queen Elizabeth – Grandiflora – Incomparable. Lee Ann Torrans

Easy Does It a Texas Floribunda Winner

St. Patrick Rose

Folk Singer

Country Dancer – Shrub Rose Texas

Iceberg Roses Texas Shrub Rose

Molineaux Shrub Rose for Texas

Julia Child – A Shrub Rose

Olympiad – Texas Hybrid Tea Rose

Texas Rose: Centennial – Grandiflora

Square Dancer – Texas Rose

Antoine Rivoire – Texas Rose – Antique

Cherry Parfait Rose

Lady Hillingdon – Climber

Texas Roses – Late March

Winter Sunset Rose for Texas

Lady Banks Lutea

McClinton Tea Rose

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