Get ready to plant Virbunum NOW!

Snowball_Viburnum_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans-2 Viburnum_Texas_Lee_Ann_Torrans

In Texas, once established Virburnum is a showy flowering shrub that is more drought tolerant that other shrubs, such as azaleas!  This white beauty stands out as a mid-spring bloomer.  There are many types of viburnum and this is not a hot seller at local nurseries principally because most of the attractive viburnums are deciduous shrubs.

If you truly desire a virburnum you may have to purchase one from a mail order nursery.  The USDA provides and excellent directory of the many type of virburnum and the locations where they do best.

Native Americans reportedly used the straight stems of the arrow head viburnum shrub for arrow shafts.

Not sure which viburnum to purchase:  the University of PA provides a good checklist of the many kinds of virburnum shrubs.